How to download Snapchat Video

Easy Guide: How to Download Snapchat Videos Safely & Quickly

To download Snapchat videos, there are several methods you can use, depending on whether you’re saving your videos, or videos from others, and the type of device you’re using (iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC). Here’s a comprehensive guide that combines insights from various sources:

Downloading Your Own Snapchat Videos

  1. Direct Download from Snapchat: For videos you’ve created, Snapchat offers a direct way to save them to your camera roll. After recording a video, simply tap the “Save” button before posting.
  2. Using Screen Recording:
    • On iPhone: Enable screen recording in the Control Center (Settings > Control Center). Start recording, open Snapchat, play the video and stop recording once it’s done.
    • On Android: Similar steps apply; start screen recording, play the Snapchat video, and stop recording.
    • On Mac: For videos saved on your iPhone or Android, use apps like AnyTrans for iOS or AnyDroid to transfer videos to your Mac.

Downloading Videos from Others

  1. Screen Recording: This is the most straightforward method. However, Snapchat notifies users when their content is being recorded, so proceed with caution and respect for privacy.
  2. Using Third-Party Tools and Websites: Tools like allow you to download videos by pasting the video’s URL into their download interface. You can choose the format and quality before downloading.
  3. Developer Tools on PC: Advanced users can use developer tools in web browsers to download Snapchat videos. This involves inspecting the elements of a webpage and extracting the video file directly from the source code.
  4. Browser Extensions: Various browser extensions can be used to download Snapchat videos by providing the video link.

Tips for Safety and Privacy

  • Ensure you have the right to access or download the video.
  • Use trusted sources and tools to avoid security risks.
  • Respect the privacy and consent of video creators.
  • Stay aware of Snapchat’s terms of service and guidelines.


Downloading Snapchat videos offers a way to preserve memorable content, but it’s essential to do so responsibly, respecting privacy and legal boundaries. By following these methods, you can safely and effectively download videos from Snapchat for personal use.

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